Join a ‘Star Wars’ Scavenger Hunt in Old Sac

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MAY THE FOURTH… will see all varieties of galactic galas and space-tastic celebrations from here to Hoth. But if you haven’t been invited to an Endorian affair, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got your go-out lined up, the one that will be perfect for your new Wookiee-themed wearables. If you happen to be around the capital city on the first Saturday of May 2019, and we don’t mean Capital City, on the planet Lothal, then there’s a to-do made for you and your super-duper “Star Wars” fandom. A “Star Wars”-themed scavenger hunt, presented by Stage Nine Entertainment, is headed for Old Sacramento Waterfront, all to pay homage to “Star Wars” Day, which is, yes, May 4. The…

FREE EVENT… will include four stations at Evangeline’s on K Street and a quartet of stations at Stage Nine Entertainment. What will happen along the way? We’ll use a touch of the Force, and peer into our deepest mind, and see what we can see. Ah, yes, this is interesting: The tasting of blue milk, and the trying of Wookiee Cookies, and engaging with an interactive game (yep, it’s “Star Wars” in nature) are all on the scavenger hunt roster. But those won’t be the only doings afoot during the 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. happening. Look also for cosplayers in full regalia to be out and about in the historic quarter, as well as a “Star Wars” TIE Fighter standing at some eight feet in height.

IF YOU FINISH THE HUNT? And complete all the clues? Oh, wait for it: You’ll “… be treated to a special password,” one that will allow you “… access to a Secret Rebel Base 9 room filled with “Star Wars” memorabilia, fan-made art, and more.” Where are you spending May the Fourth? If you’re near Sactown, in the storied historic area, and you’ve got your Yoda costume on, best make for a free and kid-nice scavenger hunt. Or, rather, scavenger hunt, make for, you should.

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