It’s a Red Velvet “Cake-Over” at Sprinkles Cupcakes

on Sep18
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What to Know

  • Through Sept. 19

  • Brownies, Whoopie pies, ice cream, layer cakes, mini cupcakes, cupcakes

  • Find brownies and Whoopie pies “in-bakery” (but note that The Grove will not have brownies)

Labelling something “an acquired taste” can be a bit of a hot potato, or a warm cupcake, if you prefer. 

It’s a tetchy topic, is what we’re saying, especially if we have thoughts on someone’s favorite flavor.

But there are those more complex confections out there that have asked us, the first time we took a bite, to take a moment and really think about what we’re tasting.

Take red velvet. Only a few of us can count it as an early childhood favorite — it has rarely competed in the vanilla or chocolate realm among tots — but many people do become fully bewitched by its creamier character and intense hue as they’ve grown older.

Sprinkles Cupcakes starting spreading the red velvet gospel in 2005, and fans today now run the age gamut. And many of those same fans will be running for their local Sprinkles shop to mark Red Velvet Day, which is on Sept. 18.

To honor this frosting-luscious festivity, Sprinkles will be offering a variety of red velvet-themed noshes, beyond the classic cupcake known and loved by many.

And, hooray hooray, the red velvet magic will last an extra day, into Sept. 19, which should probably be a national holiday called The Day After National Red Velvet Day.

Look for red velvet Whoopie pies and brownies at your local Sprinkles (yep, the dough itself is red velvet), as well as red velvety layer cakes and ice cream.

One note before you get to numming, which is the correct and accurate term we must use when it comes to devouring red velvet goodies?

Num this: You’ll need to go into a bakery for the Whoopie pie and brownie. And that brownie? It’s available at all Southern California shops except for the one located at The Grove.

And if you need your red velvet indulgence to be sugar-free or gluten-free, that can happen, too, as can a vegan option.

Red velvet?

Let’s not call it an acquired taste so much as one of the greatest flavors ever, the rich result of something sweet meeting a dollop of cream cheese and a maroon hue that’s got far more visual vavoom than a cupcake usually contains.

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