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Gloria Ruiz Arteaga of Yoyie’s Sweets offers the city of Los Angeles gourmet custom Conchas and desserts through her home-based bakery in Inglewood.

In this bakery, you can buy anything from custom birthday sweets to Bad Bunny and even film inspired baked goods.

The 32-year-old Chicana baker hopes to diversify the Los Angeles community around her while sharing her concha creations to Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking customers alike.

Yoyie’s Sweets collaboration with Paramount Pictures for desserts advertising their latest film. Photos by Gloria Ruiz Arteaga.

One concha at a time, Arteaga gets her inspiration from current events and popular movements as a way to stand out in the baking industry. The Mexican-American baker began her journey at just 10 years old.

The baker grew up experimenting with premade cookie dough and boxed cake mixes. Family has proven to be important to her as she would include her younger cousins in the baking process and allow them to add cake ingredients.

Custom made Grinch themed conchas made by Yoyie’s Sweets for a special production. Photos by Gloria Ruiz Arteaga.

Gloria Ruiz Arteaga said, “I believe what created this passion for baking are the stories my parents would share about my two Abuelita’s from Michoacán and Aguascalientes, México. The stories were always so detailed it just instantly igniting my interest in baking conchas and other desserts.

Yoyie’s Sweets specializes in baked goods such as cocada’s (coconut macaroons), mantecadas (sweet mexican muffins) and buñuelos (cinnamon topped Mexican fritters).

“They’re like a fluffy sweet blank canvas,” says Arteaga, “full of endless possibilities to become molded into any shape my concha supporters need for their special celebrations!”

The Chicana owned bakery is hoping to add more options to the menu for this upcoming year like
creative concha creations, vegan and gluten-free desserts.

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