Gracias Madre’s Meatless Mondays Now Sprouting Tasty Savings

on May13
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What to Know

  • Begins May 13

  • Gracias Madre, Café Gratitude, and Gratitude Kitchen & Bar

  • “Half off select menu items on Mondays for Gratification members”

It isn’t uncommon for a person to have plants on the brain as Monday begins.

For if you’ve spent some of the weekend in the garden, or doing yardwork, or visiting the local farmers’ market, all to pick up flowers and vegetables, you’ve likely been in a leafy frame of mind.

Letting that leafiness remain, as the first weekday kicks off, is not so hard, thanks to the ever-growing movement of Meatless Mondays.

You’ve seen the practice touted on TV, in magazines, and perhaps in your own life, as you try to incorporate more plant-based cuisine on a regular basis.

The restaurants of the Love Serve Remember group have also embraced this concept, but on a daily basis. Indeed, Gracias Madre, Café Gratitude, and Gratitude Kitchen & Bar are all dedicated to plant-yummy menus, but a fresh Monday promotion is spotlighting their mission.

The Meatless Mondays deal is opening at the aforementioned eateries on Monday, May 13, and it will run every Monday for the next three months, making it your spring-into-summer money-saver.

How? Because if you’re a member of the restaurants’ Gratification Program — it’s free to join — and you choose a select item on the Meatless Mondays menu, you’ll pay half the price you usually would.


A Meatless Mondays tattoo (it’s temporary) is also part of the program, if you want to rock that in your day-to-day world. Why not? If that’s your vibe.

The meals to look out for as the program opens on May 13? Order the Gracias Madre’s Crab Torta at lunchtime or Gratitude Kitchen & Bar’s Elevated Fried Chicken Plate for dinner and save that 50%, oh yes.

Ask your server for details and keep an eye on the restaurants’ social media feeds for the latest dishes to receive the Meatless Monday discount.

Ready to cut down your carbon and up the flavor as the week revs up? You’re already in a plant-nice frame of mind, thanks to your outdoorsy weekend fun; keep it up, on a Monday, and save while supping, too.

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