Glendale Home Intruder Eats Family’s Food and Watches Their TV

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A Glendale family had a bizarre and scary encounter with a stranger when a man broke into their house while they were inside, refused to leave, and started making himself at home.

The parents grabbed their young kids and had to leave their own home as the weird scenario — which included the man helping himself to the family’s food — turned into a police standoff.

Glendale police say the man, Sergio Castillo, has a long criminal history.

He was out on parole when he went into the family’s home Wednesday in the 1700 block of Hillside Drive and started rummaging through their kitchen and eating their food. They were unloading groceries when he entered the house. 

One of the kids suddenly went up to the parents and told them a man was in their living room.

“He did confront the guy, yelled at him and told him to get out of his house but the guy basically ignored him,” said Sgt. Dan Suttles. 

The parents then grabbed their three children and called 911, police said. 

“This individual comes in and goes through their personal things and eats their food out of their kitchen. This guy is violating their very personal space,” Suttles said.

The family watched the man from their neighbors house as police drew their guns and negotiated with the intruder for an hour.

A police dog was sent in and officers arrested the 27-year-old suspect. Police said he was a homeless man who was on parole.

Castillo has been arrested seven times since his release for indecent exposure, brandishing a gun and court violations.

No one was hurt, but police say the family is still very shaken after being forced from their own home. 

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” Suttles said. 

Police say the other recent arrests were by LAPD and all took place since 2018.

Glendale police also says they plan to work with the district attorney’s office to get a strong conviction against this suspect.

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