Frosty Easter Egg Hunt Is Snow Fun

on Apr15
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SAYING SOMETHING… is “no fun” is a pretty firm review, one that doesn’t leave a lot of room for argument. But saying something is “snow fun” means that the matter in question is, yes, actually quite fun, and very frosty, and will likely involve you wearing a coat and boots and maybe even mittens. But as April advances, events that can be deemed to be “snow fun” tend to melt away as the weather warms up and grassy goings-on sprout like so many blades of green. And an egg hunt? That is definitely grass-based, in many locations, unless that place happens to be in the mountains and known for its “snow fun” festivities. One such place that loves a good Easter egg event for the tots, and knows that a frosty day shouldn’t dampen springtime celebrations, is…

NORTHSTAR CALIFORNIA: For sure, there is snow at the Truckee spot, and, for sure, that snow’s not going away by Sunday, April 21. So rather than wait on grass to grow, the destination will once again host its Easter Extravaganza out on the crunchy cold stuff, meaning that little egg-seekers’ll come across the colorful orbs as they sit on a bed of white and not green. The place is The Village Overlook, the time is 11 a.m., it all wraps by 11:15, and, for sure, kids will run to the eggs in designated age groups. Also? The Easter Bunny will be around from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for EpicMix photos. Will your tot take her picture with the famous rabbit while bundled in winter wear? Pretty cute, for sure.

FOR MORE “SNOW FUN,” the Northstar California way, hop like a bunny over to the Easter Extravaganza page now.

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