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John Dean had served as White House counsel for President Nixon from July 1970 until he was fired on April 30, 1973. Dean later pleaded guilty to a single Watergate-related felony count.

After his testimony for prosecutors helped with additional Watergate scandal convictions, Dean’s sentence was reduced. He was released on Jan. 8, 1975.

Media outlets covered his return to California. On Jan. 15, 1975, Dean and his wife, Maureen, held the large news conference at their Los Angeles home.

Los Angeles Times staff writer Jerry Belcher reported the next morning:

John W. Dean III, whose testimony on Watergate played a large part in bringing down the Nixon administration, said Wednesday he would like to see and talk to the former President.

“But,” the former White House counsel quickly added, “whether he wants to see me is a big question in my mind.”

Dean, 35, and his wife, Maureen, met with newsmen Wednesday morning outside their hilltop home in Los Angeles. They were reunited last week after his release from a federal prison term for his role in Watergate scandals.

The youthful looking Dean had words of sympathy and praise for Richard M. Nixon.

He also said that while there was more to be told about Watergate, “I don’t think there will be any [more] enormous bombs … that will be dropped.” …

Of the former President, Dean said, “I think Mr. Nixon obviously can fill in some gaps [in the Watergate story] and hopefully he will.” …

For more, check out this recent June 1, 2017, story by Mark Z. Barabak: John Dean helped bring down Richard Nixon. Now he thinks Donald Trump is even worse.

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