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Sumer Mukhey could not just sit there.

There were only two people in the 20-year-old’s life he could really say shaped him the most.

There was his dad.

And there was Kobe.

And now Kobe Bryant was gone — a tragedy he would have never fathomed. It sucker punched him Sunday morning when his roommate said, “I think Kobe’s dead.”

And not only Kobe — the player he’s idolized for 13 years of his life. His daughter, Gianna, and seven friends.

With the tears came a resolve to do something to honor the superstar and what he stood for.

“Every time you look into the rafters (at Staples Center), you should see his daughter, and they should be next to each other.” Put another way, he said: “If she’s laid to rest with her father, she should be in the rafters, too”

So he started a petition on Monday, mostly just as a coping mechanism, and with the idea that it might get 100 people signing on.

But by Wednesday at 4:27 p.m., the petition to put Gianna’s jersey up there with Bryant’s had more than 103,000 signatures.


All across LA, images of Kobe Bryant are more ubiquitous than ever.

There’s the murals, the giant screens, the Grammy Museum sign — the images of a life that made a cultural impact in Los Angeles and across the country during his 21-year NBA career. But that impact, and now the loss, has prompted new movements to erect more permanent memorials.

Along with Mukhey’s idea, others are asking: What if Bryant’s image adorned the NBA’s logo? What if Staples Center was the Kobe Bryant Center? And what if his daughter, Gianna was the new WNBA logo?

Sixteen-year-old Vancouver resident Nikyar Moghander’s petition had 2.85-million signatures by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and it was growing fast on its way to a goal of 3 million.

There’s the “Honor Kobe + Gianna at NBA All-Star Game petition: It calls for teams to wear #8 and #24 jerseys in honor of Kobe and his daughter Gianna at the upcoming NBA All-Star Game in February.

Connor McTeague, who started it, said: “By having all the Team Lebron players wear #24, and all the Team Giannis players wear #8, we can all stand and show that this community is truly one big family. It’s more than just a game!”

There’s the “Fox to Cancel TMZ” petition: It calls for Fox to cancel TMZ, saying “TMZ has a history of harassing celebrities and crossing so many lines, but this time they went too far.” It was a response to the news TMZ released information about the Bryants’ death before police informed family, according to Change. It grew quickly.

There’s the “Rename Staples after Kobe” petition: Started by Rock Feed, it calls for LA’s Staples Center to be named after Kobe, in memory of his “iconic career with the Lakers.”

There’s the “WNBA to Honor Gianna” petition: Two new petitions are calling for the WNBA to honor Gianna. One, started by Annabelle Welker, calls for Gianna to get drafted as an “honorary draftee” by the WNBA, while another calls for Gianna’s image to become the new WNBA logo.

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna enjoy the season-opening game for the LA Sparks against Seattle on May 13, 2017. (File photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles Daily News)

For Mukhey, the Gianna theme makes perfect sense, and is perhaps even the most attainable of the online aspirations, he added. She was developing already as skilled young player, and was giving the WNBA a fresh jolt of media attention, by simply being the potential heir to Kobe on a professional basketball court, he said.

“She was him 2.0,” he said, imagining what she could have been.

For, the logo petition was the first to hit 1 million in 2020, and currently has the highest signature count of any petition created so far this year. It’s also become the fastest-growing petition within 48 hours of creation in the site’s history, according to a Change spokeswoman.

Whether that can actually happen, of course, is another matter altogether.

The Lakers would not immediately comment on the rafter idea. And when it comes to renaming a facility, there are contractual obligations baked in that might restrict a fast name change.

As for the logo, don’t bet on it, Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel wrote:

“Start with this: The NBA won’t even officially acknowledge that its current logo, which has been used since 1969, is based on former Lakers star Jerry West. This despite the fact that the logo’s designer, Alan Siegel, has often said he used a picture of West as the inspiration for the design.

Doesn’t matter. The NBA has never said its logo features a specific player.

The reasons are myriad, mostly legal and financial. West has never tried to cash in on his likeness, and for the past few years even publicly wished the league would change the logo and use someone else.

He went on: “Sources familiar with the league’s thinking said there is no interest in having an individual player as its logo because there are so many who have been instrumental in the growth of the game and the NBA. Generic is better.”

Along with the online aspirations, there are others in the LA/Kobe zeitgeist right now, from “Kobe Bryant Way” to a stamp.

For a grieving public, they are indeed something to hold on to, though.

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