Formosa Café Returns, with Hollywood Glam Intact

on Jun23
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Every great, decades-spanning Hollywood success story has a few ups, a number of downs, and a buzz-making relaunch or two. This goes for people, of course, and beloved places, too. Look to the Formosa Café, a bar and eatery that has long stood as one of the beautiful bridges back to the Tinseltown of an earlier day.

The lush red-and-green space, with its Chinese lanterns and movie star headshots, has gone through a few closures, and one brief contemporary rethink, but it has regally returned, once again, to its most iconic and sumptuous state. That multi-million dollar undertaking? It’s thanks to the years-long effort of The 1933 Group, the local outfit devoted to vintage nightlife experiences, as well as preservation organizations like LA Conservancy, which championed the Formosa Café during a Partners in Preservations: Main Streets funding competition in 2017.

The West Hollywood watering hole officially reopens on June 28, 2019, but you can peek inside now at every last, luxurious detail.

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