Flamin’ Foodstuffs to Rock the 2019 OC Fair

on Jun25
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The questions of early summer? They return each year as predictably, and wonderfully, as a blooming jacaranda tree. How gloomy will June be? (Answer: very.) Will the theme parks introduce new attractions? (Answer: definitely.) And will the OC Fair reveal a line-up of foods that are almost fictional in their fantastic-ness? That exact revelation just happened, only a few weeks before the Costa Mesa spectacular’s July 12, 2019 debut.

Daydream now, adventurous diners, at just a few of the wowza snacks set to show up at the month-long eat-around at the OC Fair & Event Center. A few of the foodstuffs’ll be covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, including a turkey leg and, yep, a caramel apple, but other offbeat choices from all the menu columns abound.

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