Find #WheretheWildflowersAre at Irvine Ranch

on Mar11
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What to Know

  • Native Seed Farm programs on Wednesdays and Saturdays

  • Wildflowers & Pollinators at Native Seed Farm on March 24

  • #WheretheWildflowersAre social media tour March 15-21

If every newly opened wildflower in Southern California sent an alert to your beeper — we’re assuming you have a beeper dedicated solely to such alerts — it would likely never stop going off as mid-March approaches.

For we’re in That Time of Year, when all sorts of be-petal’d wonders are doing their open-to-the-sun thing.

How, though, to know where they are, what you’re looking for, and all of the wildflowery 411?

The nature-smart people of Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks in Orange County want to help.

There are, in fact, a number of wildflower-oriented activities on the outfit’s calendar, but you may want to keep March 15 through 21 in mind.

That’s when the #WheretheWildflowersAre virtual social media tour happens, and if you’re hoping that you’ll enjoy seeing a trio of “different wildflower species” each day on your feeds, as well as where to go IRL to see them, you’re in some sort of sunshiny, fresh-of-air luck.

The landmarks’ll be rocking the Instagram, the Facebook, and the Twitter with this helpful wildflower knowledge, for nearly a week. Good golly please and yes.

There are several in-person goings-on, too, around the expansive area, including the Bommer Canyon: Wildflower Access Day event on March 16 (it’s self-guided) and Wildflowers & Pollinators on March 24 at Native Seed Farm.

Are you in full-on, gotta-see-’em-all wildflower mode? Is your wildflower-dedicated beeper going off several times each minute?

Visit the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks HQ for all of the good things that are springing up, like a poppy in sunshine, in the days immediately ahead.

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