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When a stolen Amazon van crashed into and killed Jose Rangel at Main and 48th streets in South LA, he was working, something his family says he never stopped doing.

“My dad was a hard worker, and he was here doing just that,” said Pablo Rangel, son of Jose.

Catching a flight to LA from his Houston home after hearing the news, Pablo joined his mother, Sonia, and his younger brother, Carlos, Friday morning at the scene of his father’s death.

Friends had set up a shrine near the site in his memory.

Also left at the scene were some of the items Jose had been vending before the crash. Buying and re-selling goods on the sidewalk, Jose was what the community would call a “yardero.”

Pablo remembers his father as a ray of sunshine, a charismatic figure who was the life of the party.

Carlos shared his father worked hard.

They are left only to honor the memory of their father after the incident, which is being handled as a felony hit and run.

Heading the investigation for the Los Angeles Police Department, Detective Juan Campos says the man behind the wheel, Christian Ramos, was arrested after allegedly running from the scene.

Cameras on-board the van also allegedly caught images of Ramos in the moments leading up to the collision.

“He likely was distracted by something in the truck, because you see his eyes were not on the roadway,” said Campos.

According to authorities, Ramos was on probation for a felony domestic violence conviction, but was not being chased before the crash. The LAPD says he was only driving about 33 mph when he hit several parked cars and struck victims.

The case will proceed as a felony because Ramos allegedly tried to flee the scene.

“We don’t wish that person any harm, or anything along those lines, but we do expect justice,” said Pablo.

Despite moving far away, Sonia shares her oldest son and Jose kept in close contact with regular phone calls.

But now their bond will go on in silence after Thursday afternoon.

“It’s just not worth it. It’s not worth it,” said Pablo.

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