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It has been a week since Connor Crawford was killed while walking his dog and his roommates’ two dogs in downtown Los Angeles.

Police arrested the driver on suspicion of DUI and vehicular manslaughter after Crawford and all three dogs died at the scene.

“I mean, what do you say? We were robbed,” Crawford’s sister Catherine said. “He’ll never have children, he’ll never get married. He was robbed.”

Crawford’s mom Maureen said the 32-year-old was a jack-of-all-trades and a dog lover. He grew up in Huntington Beach, but loved Los Angeles, where he lived for the last three years.

“LA’s not for everybody, but he just embraced it. He loved it here,” Maureen said. “He loved the hustle and bustle and everything about it, really.”

Sadly, in the city he loved, Connor died last week.

After returning home late, he took his dogs for a walk just after midnight Thursday, Sept. 29. Surveillance video showed him leaving his apartment at 12:17 a.m.

At 12:30 a.m., police said a DUI driver hit a Dodge Ram at 7th and Hill before they continued driving, running over and killing Crawford, his dog, and his roommates’ two dogs instantly.

“He fled and left my nephew there on the street,” Paul Miskelly, Crawford’s uncle, said. “And the police didn’t catch him until he crashed into a parked car a couple blocks down the road.”

Crawford’s family is devastated an allegedly impaired driver ended their loved one’s life.

“It’s just a terrible, terrible loss, but really it’s at the hands of someone else. It might have been his vehicle but it’s murder. He murdered Connor,” Maureen said. “He didn’t seem, didn’t think twice about it, getting in the car to drive in that condition. It’s wrong, it’s horrible, and it happens too much.”

“It’s got to stop. You’ve got to hold these people accountable for their actions,” Uncle Paul said. “It’s not fair and it’s not right.”

Now the family is planning a funeral, while thinking of Crawford’s roommates’ dogs, and slightly comforted he’s with his beloved pup Luna, too.

“It’s so fitting, unfortunate, but they’re together,” Maureen said. “And they’ll be together forever.”

With plenty of unplanned expenses, the family created a GoFundMe in his name to assist them in this trying time.

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