Enter a “Star Wars” VR World on May the Fourth

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What to Know

  • Saturday, May 4

  • The Void in Glendale, Santa Monica, and Anaheim (and locations beyond California)

  • Get four people into “The Secrets of the Empire” for the price of three

There’ll be as many expressions of “Star Wars” Day as there are planets in the galaxy, or just about.

Cookies shaped like Wookiees? Some creative baker’ll likely make a batch. A movie marathon? Those will happen in plenty of dens. Riding Hyperspace Mountain, which returns to Disneyland park on May 4? Fans most certainly wheeeee. 

We mean “will,” of course.

If you’re looking to step inside a virtual reality take on the “Star Wars” universe, and doing something a bit, well, “Rebel”-ious, and save money for you and your crew, consider a visit to The Void on Saturday, May 4.

Kent Phillips/Disney Parks

Of course, the VR powerhouse features “Secrets of The Empire” every day, among its selections, depending upon time and location, but on May the Fourth, there’s a deal as sweet as Darth Vader is menacing: Buy three entries and get a fourth for free.

Now that is some fourth-y festiveness, for sure.

Groups of four enter the story, which is set on “the molten planet of Mustafar.” You all are Rebels, disguised as Stormtroopers, and snagging essential intelligence is your mission.

It won’t be as easy as completing the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs, however. There will be puzzles you’ll need to untangle, and, rest assured, you’ll meet a heap of villains along the way.

Including, yes, lava monsters, of the super-large assortment, which can put a real crimp in anyone’s mission.

Prices will vary by location, and while The Void is also found outside of the Golden State, you can find three spots within Southern California: Glendale, Anaheim, and Santa Monica.

So go forth, brave Rebels, and enjoy the 4-for-3 deal on May the Fourth, a very nice thing that should embolden you before you have to don your virtual reality gear and face, gulp, Stormtroopers, not to mention the lava monsters we already mentioned but are worth mentioning again.

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