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What to Know

  • Jackie and Shadow, the famous Big Bear Eagles, now have two eggs
  • Egg #1 arrived on Jan. 8 and Egg #2 dropped on Jan. 11
  • The hoped-for hatch date? Keep your eyes peeled around Valentine’s Day

What were you planning on doing with the rest of your weekend?

The second weekend of 2020, which always holds all sorts of demands and needs and must-dos, like spiffying up the house after the holidays, and organizing our calendars, and such?

Best clear the decks and throw whatever you planned to do right out the window, at least for a few delightful minutes, for Jackie and Shadow, the much-loved, known-around-the-planet pair of Big Bear eagles, just welcomed a second egg.

Jackie laid Egg #1, which is now being referred to as “Eggbert” on the Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam Facebook page, on Jan. 8, 2020.

Eagle pros then said to expect a second egg, fingers and feathers crossed, about three days later. And so the wise prediction came to pass: “Shelly,” or Egg #2 if you prefer, arrived on Saturday, Jan. 11.

Mom Jackie and dad Shadow are now busy caring for the shell-spectacular eaglet incubators, which can be seen nestled in a large nest high above the San Bernardino Forest via the Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest cam.

Well, let’s add an asterisk to that: You can peep the eggs when Jackie isn’t keeping them nice and toasty.

And plenty of people, from Southern California and beyond, are waiting, quite egg-citedly, to see them via the webcam.

But when might the weegles, er, wee eagles actually be seen, and not just their small and sturdy shell-enclosed casas?

Valentine’s Day 2020, or thereabouts, is the expected hatch date for Eggbert and Shelly.

You don’t need to wait for the middle of February, though, to know what’s up in the nest; the high-in-the-trees camera will stay tuned into mom and dad over the next few weeks as they care for and protect their celebrated pair of eggs.

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