Eerie Immersive Pop-up Extends Its Haunting Season

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What to Know

  • Through July 14, 2019

  • $39

  • The Desmond at 5514 Wilshire Boulevard

“I Like Scary Movies,” the immersive horror-themed pop-up in the heart of the Miracle Mile?

It’s not ghosting us quite yet.

Or, rather, it will continue to deliver the ghostly thrills, and cinematic snapshot opportunities, and eeky environments, for a little while longer.

You got it, spookies o’ SoCal: The spacious and shadowy experience, which spotlights five fright films, has just extended its run by a handful of weeks, through to July 14, 2019.

And when we say “spotlights” we, of course, don’t mean a bright light has been cast on any of the rooms inside; it is a eerie expanse, after all, one filled with the sort of sights you might see on the silver screen in October.

The five monstrous movies that you can saunter inside, courtesy of the artist Maximillian’s imagination?

Creepy clues seem to fit this walk-through palace o’ scares, so here goes: “Danny’s not here, Mrs. Torrance,” “you’ll float, too,” “don’t fall asleep,” “Day-O,” and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s favorite vampires.

You got them all, didn’t you?

So does stepping inside the immersive scapes of “The Shining,” “It,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Beetlejuice,” or “The Lost Boys” tempt you?

Then find your brave spirit and haunt this page for your ticket now.

For the unusual happening, which isn’t like a Halloween maze or haunted house but is truly its own visual fear feast, will have to ghost us one day soon, even after spending a few months ghosting us in the most skin-prickly sense.

Figure that by the middle of July, when “I Like Scary Movies” drifts away like a paper boat on a puddle, talk of Halloween will already be in the air. 

And if you’re sending out Halloween cards this year, don’t you need the perfect photo? 

What, you never send out Halloween cards?

Best change that up, starting with the perfect wicked pic of you standing inside Freddy Krueger’s steely glove, at this limited-time snapshot-tacular.

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