Easter Egg Hunt at the Winchester Mystery House

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THE NOTION OF FINDING SOMETHING, an item that’s on the small side, at an abode that’s famously out-sized may at first give a person pause. But here’s the breathe-a-sigh headline from the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose: Kids’ll be searching for the colorful orbs in the landmark’s Victorian Garden, which is, yes, outside of all of those twisty hallways and staircases to nowhere. A bonus? With the event happening outdoors, in the gorgeous grounds of the rambling mansion, attendees will be able to enjoy the sunshine, the plants, and, yes, that world-famous backdrop. The search is afoot on the day before the holiday, which, in 2019, is…

SATURDAY, APRIL 20: And while the hunt, or “The Hoppening” as the Winchester Mystery House cheekily calls it, will be the sunshiny celebration’s centerpiece, there shall be other doings, including a bouncy house (which, yes, is a house in name, though it will assuredly not be as large as the house it is placed next to). A glitter tattoo? Your tot can score one of those, too, neat. The chance to jelly-bean-up? That feels just right for Easter Eve. As for the Easter Egg Hunt? There’ll be, whoa, 5,000 eggs, as well as “13 golden surprise egg.” Indeed, Mrs. Sarah Winchester was enamored of the number 13, which is the symbolic stand-out number of the house.

NEED ALL THE TWISTS ‘N TURNS… of the cheery to-do? Start here. It’s on from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., by the by, giving all of your little bunnies, and the family’s bigger bunnies, time to hop, hop, hop around to other Easter Weekend activities.

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