Driver of White Utility Truck Slams Into SUV During High Speed Chase

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The driver of a white utility truck leading a chase in the San Gabriel Valley area evaded officers by speeding through stop signs and red lights, and eventually T-boned an SUV passing through an intersection Thursday.

The driver was wanted for failing to yield at a traffic stop when the chase began with Bell Gardens police in pursuit.

After swerving over a center divider and onto the wrong side of the road, the truck sped through the Monterey Park area, hitting 70 mph on Garfield Avenue just before 5 p.m.

The driver merged briefly onto the 110 Freeway before getting back on surface streets, driving right through red lights. 

At one point, the driver burst through a barricade blocking off a train crossing. 

The driver, traveling at about 45 mph, slammed into another car passing through the intersection at Holly Street and Orange Grove Boulevard.

The SUV nearly tumbled, and authorities said the driver was in serious condition. The driver had to be rescued from the SUV after firefighters worked to saw off parts of the bashed in driver-side door. 

Officers drew guns as the pursuit driver left the truck, and he was detained. Another ambulance was called for the pursuit driver following the wreck. 

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