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Prosecutors in Los Angeles have asked a judge to keep the woman charged with killing six people in a car crash in Windsor Hills locked up until trial.

Nicole Linton has asked the court for release on bail and on Friday the LA County District Attorney’s office responded with several startling new revelations about the case.

Prosecutors used some colorful description in their opposition to releasing Linton on bail.

They compared her to a race car driver and say there’s substantial evidence that the crash back on Aug. 4 was deliberate.

The motion just filed on Friday lays out the reasons prosecutors say it would be inappropriate, and would endanger the public, if the judge reduced bail for Nicole Linton, or allowed her to be released for any reason.

It disputes Linton’s defense attorneys who last month claimed that Linton suffered some sort of lapse in consciousness before the wreck.

Prosecutors say that the electronic data recorder in Linton’s car showed that five second before the crash, she was moving at 122 miles per hour. And that in the five seconds leading to the crash, she was fully pressing the accelerator, and reached 130 miles per hour when she hit the cars at the intersection of La Brea and Slauson.

They say that the car’s data also shows she held the steering wheel steady as she sped towards the intersection.

Even describing it as a “NASCAR-worthy performance” that flies in the face of the notion that she was unconscious or incapacitated.

The DA says that Linton admitted she was aware she was experiencing impairment in the hours before the crash but deliberately stopped taking medication she’d been prescribed, because she said she didn’t like how the medications made her feel.

Prosecutors also say in the court filing Linton was behaving oddly during her 12-hour nursing shift just prior to the crash.

They say she was ticketed three times in recent years for speeding, that she caused two other crashes out of state, and has a history of violent behavior.

The DA’s office also says emergency room doctors who treated Linton immediately after the crash saw no signs that Linton had recently suffered an episode like a seizure, or experienced something that would have caused her to be unconscious.

Linton’s defense attorneys have asked for her to be released citing Linton’s medical and mental health issues.

The filing from the DA’s office is aimed at refuting the defense claims.

A judge is scheduled to hear arguments at another bail review hearing next week.

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