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Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Trevor Bauer has been suspended by Major League Baseball for 324 games, the equivalent of two full seasons, for violating the league’s domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse policy the Commissioner announced on Friday.

The suspension will be without pay and will not include time served.

In an email release on Friday, the Commissioner’s office wrote:

“Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. announced today that following an extensive investigation by MLB’s Department of Investigations, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has received a suspension for 324 championship season games (representing two full seasons) without pay, effective today, for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy.”

Bauer tweeted out that he is appealing the decision, and his legal team also released a statement on his behalf:

“In the strongest possible terms, I deny committing any violation of the league’s domestic violence & sexual assault policy,” said Bauer. “I am appealing this action and expect to prevail. As we have throughout this process, my representatives & I respect the confidentiality of the proceedings.”

Bauer’s suspension is by far the longest in the seven years that MLB and the MLB Player’s Association have had the joint domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse policy in place. Over that span, there have been 15 different players suspended, with those penalties ranging from 15 games to 162 games. Bauer’s 324 are more than double the longest previous suspension on record.

Bauer signed with the Dodgers as a free agent ahead of the 2021 season after winning the National League Cy Young Award with the Cincinnati Reds in the 60-game COVID shortened season of 2020.

Bauer pitched in a handful of games for the Boys in Blue, last pitching on June 28 at Dodger Stadium. The following day, news was made public that a 27-year-old San Diego woman had filed for a domestic violence restraining order against Bauer.

A few days later, Bauer was placed on administrative leave by MLB and has missed a total of 99 games over that span. He continued to be paid by the Dodgers during that time.

Bauer was accused of sexually assaulting the victim over the course of two different sexual experiences at his Pasadena home in April and May.

Bauer contends that both encounters were consensual acts of rough sex between both parties. The victim alleges that Bauer took it too far and did things that she did not consent to. According to the victim in her statements to receive the domestic violence restraining order, Bauer chocked her unconscious, scratched her face, punched her body, and had anal sex with her without her consent. Bauer denies these allegations and has filed a lawsuit against the victim for defamation.

No criminal charges were brought against Bauer by the Pasadena Police Department, and the investigation was concluded.

“After a thorough review of all the available evidence, including the civil restraining order proceedings, witness statements and the physical evidence, the People are unable to prove the relevant charges beyond a reasonable doubt,” they said in a statement at the time.

Both Bauer and the victim were apart of a four-day hearing in August that concluded with L.A. Superior Court Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman not extending the original DVRO, ruling that Bauer did not pose a continual threat to the victim.

Days before that hearing, the Washington Post published a story about a second woman in Ohio, who also sought a temporary restraining order against Bauer in June of 2020, and also accused him of sexual assault. The woman never went through with the proceedings, and dissolved the restraining order, but it was likely part of the Commissioner’s investigation and eventual suspension.

In the past two months, in addition to his defamation lawsuit against the victim, Bauer and his legal team have also filed two other defamation lawsuits against media companies Deadspin and The Athletic.

Since Bauer will now appeal MLB’s decision, both sides will ready for a legal battle that will add another chapter to this lengthy dramatic saga.

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