dineLA’s 32-Burger’d ‘Burger Trek’ Opens

on May8
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What to Know

  • Begins May 7

  • Free map and guide available online

  • One burger spotlighted at each selected stop

“What should I get?”

Some friend is asking another friend this very question, even as you read this, for it’s a query that serves as a common route to nabbing a great recommendation on a specific dish at a specific restaurant.

But what if there was a knowledge-deep, smartie-strong guide, one with plenty of local dining flair, that could answer “what should I get?” over and over again, to the tune of 32 times?

We’d be talking about dineLA’s annual Burger Trek guide, which lands on our screens each and every May.

Which is, yes, National Burger Month, the time of year when a lot of people are looking for exception patties plus other piled-on goodies.

dineLA, of course, is the sup-around sector of Discover Los Angeles, and, yep, it’s behind those popular Restaurant Weeks that pop up every few month.

So the dineLAers know their stuff, and their stuff, in 2019, has pointed them in the direction of 32 notable Southern California burgers, all of which made the Burger Trek cut.

Those include the patty melt at Cassell’s Hamburgers, Monty’s Good Burger at Monty’s Good Burger, and the 5oz bacon cheeseburger at Salt’s Cure.

The Burger Trek guide is self-guided, meaning you can go on your own and to whatever restaurants appeal to you, but surely some burger buffs out there are going to hit every stop on the list, before Burger Month has wrapped.

And because Burger Trek officially launched on May 7, that means you have less than four weeks left to find these meaty superstars, and eat them. And buy them before you eat them, but then you guessed that.

But here’s something great: The Burger Trek guide is free.

Are you ready to take on this trek and jump into the chowdown challenge? Burger Trekkers, your tasty time has arrived.

What should I get? dineLA has ideas for you, and they’re all right here.

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