Dine Divinely at Solvang’s Danish Days

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There are pastries in this world, and then there are æbleskiver. (Yep, that’s the plural of æbleskiver, which only ups the æbleskiver’s cool quotient.)

There are meaty sandwiches that we like, and then there are Viking Burgers.

And there are gatherings that are awash in glee and dancing and history and come-together-a-tude, and then there is the Solvang-based bash that takes place each September.

That’s Danish Days, and while it is a party known for its heritage-minded spirit, it has also become a famous must-visit for foodies. Foodies, of course, who dig the adorable hamlet’s March-munchable affair, Taste of Solvang, but who also know that Danish Days will deliver on the dining front, too.

And so it shall, from Sept. 20-22, 2019. There is, in fact, a Foodie Guide to follow, and if you had hoped that the words “æbleskiver breakfast” would be among the first you read, you’re in some sort of appetite-stoking luck.

For there shall be morning meals centered around Solvang’s best-known nibble, on both the Saturday and Sunday of the festival. You’ll need to nab that ticket ahead of time, online, but we’re guessing you already have, even before reading this sentence.

Other goodies to look for around the walk-easy town? 

Viking Burgers, hearty concoctions that rock the condiments as well as a flavor-packing onion bun. They’ll be at the beer & wine garden.

There’s a Filipino Food Festival on the Friday of the fest, meaning you can score that tasty chicken adobo you’re craving. That’s also popping up at the beer & wine garden.

And on the drink front? There shall be a beer & wine garden, with the new addition of aquavit. The spirited addition will also pop up as a component of the Slovang Fizz at The Landsby, so swing by if you’re 21 or over and do love some strawberry shrub.

For all of the gourmet grub and sippable favorites set to make memorable menu appearances at the 2019 affair, move as quickly as a windmill’s blades turn to this site, which has all of the top tastes for this colorful and charming to-do.

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