Desert Dining Glows at Palm Springs Restaurant Week

on May31
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PALM SPRINGS… has a lot going in its favor, as do the towns that dot the spectacular desert resorts region. There are the luxe hotels, with their splashy pool scenes, and there’s the shopping, with its retro chic vibe, and there are the mid-century homes, with their rock walls and huge windows, and there’s that art-cool reputation, thanks to major events like “Desert X.” And the food? That has a way of garnering gushing, too, among those who’ve dined out around the desert. It’s always a little celebratory in this sunshiny spot, but when June kicks off, cuisine takes a more central role in the regional spotlight. Why? Because that’s when the…

RESTAURANT WEEK MAGIC GROWS… around Palm Springs and environs. And if you’ve been wanting to prix-fixe-it-up around P.S. and Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage and La Quinta and other nearby towns, your moment is here, for the Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week will soon begin with an almost overwhelming array of beautiful bites (though, of course, it all depends upon how you define “overwhelming”). Let’s start with the number of restaurants on the participants’ list — it’s over 100, so, indeed, that’s huge — and let’s look at the fact that this Restaurant Week actually encompasses 10 days, from May 31 through June 9.

IS IT BIG? It’s as big as Mt. San Jacinto, which anyone visiting that stunning slice of desert knows is one of the biggest things around. The two-plus lunches kick off at $15, at select restaurants, while three-plus dinners start at $29. And offering the multi-course goodness? The Nest in Indian Wells, Jackalope Ranch in Indio, and several more. Get the flavorful 411 now on this foodie run of amazingness, and money-saving-ness, too. It’s a fabulous way to get up on what the resort hamlets have brewing in their kitchens, if you’d like to brush up on the dine-out desert scene.

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