Daffodil Hill’s Opening Date Soon to Bloom

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A WATCHED POT… may never boil, or so goes the old chestnut, but what about a plot of ground boasting bulbs that were planted several months prior to springtime? You can gaze intensely upon the soil, and wait, and wait some more, and watch the weather, and lovingly tend to your patch, and, if all goes right, there may be flowers to admire come March or April. Such shall be the case at Daffodil Hill, which has a blossom-tacular that’s known far and wide. Here’s a hint: The flowers are the color of sunshine, or rich butter, if you prefer, and when they appear in profusion, the sight is beyond stunning. It can make a person a bit daffy, in fact, but such is the delightful spell that…

DAFFODIL HILL… casts each spring. The beloved destination, which is located in charming Amador County, just announced its opening date for 2019, which will be Saturday, March 30. Repeat, that’s the final Saturday in March, an occasion that many fans have been waiting on, especially since Daffodil Hill didn’t open in 2018, due to a warm winter spurt followed by icy, soggy conditions (conditions that ultimately weren’t kind to the early buds). But hurrah, the sunshine-hued attraction will have its big 2019 moment, though all visitors are absolutely asked to call before they drive up, just to make sure Daffodil Hill is open. The wet stuff is returning over the first week of April, too, beginning on the 2nd, so that might impact your visit.

IT’S FREE… to visit this glorious spot, and parking is complimentary, too, but animals are not allowed, do keep in mind. What else is there to know, daffy devotees? Start here, to discover more about one of the Golden State’s most golden spots, a spot that is ready to show its frilly fabulousness again in 2019, after a year away. Honest, though? We’re not sure about a watched pot never boiling, but a daffodil, given a lot of care, love, and the right weather conditions, can and will prettily bloom, just after spring begins, in vibrant Volcano, in the Sierra-splendid foothills of Amador County.

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