Coo Over the Aquarium’s Just-Hatched Avocet Chicks

on Jul9
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If you’re billing and cooing over something, you’re getting mighty sweet, and even snuggly. But billing and cooing over a quintet of avocet chicks takes on a slightly different vibe, especially in the “bill” department. For these beautiful, water-loving birds are known for their astounding beaks, beaks that are exceedingly long and turned up at the end (making the finding of food all that much easier).

If you’d like to coo over these bill-beautiful birds, it just got easier: Five little cuties recently hatched at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Take a look now at these tiny fluffsters, birdlings that, truth be told, aren’t yet sporting the big, big beaks of the adult avocet. But we won’t beak around the bush here: These little ones are plenty cute.

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