Cinespia Reveals Its First Flicks for Summer 2019

on Mar28
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What to Know

  • Hollywood Forever

  • Opens on May 11 with “Beetlejuice”

  • $18; tickets available to all announced screenings now

Say “Beetlejuice” three times in a row, and, well, you know what will happen: A particularly mischievous, rule-bending imp from the afterworld appears to wreak weird havoc in your mortal life.

Say “Cinespia” three times in a row, in the hopes that you can find out what films the Hollywood Forever-based cinema series’ll be featuring, and your results may vary. 

After all, tradition says that movie fans will need to wait for spring to start to find out what the line-up will be during the coming warmer, picnic-ready months.

But spring has now started, so go on and say “Cinespia” three times, or as many times as you like, for the very first features on the 2019 line-up have materialized.

Up first, on May 11? The 2019 season begins with, you guessed it, “Beetlejuice.” So don your widow weeds, or perhaps your floweriest ’80s-style drop-waisted frock, and gather your friends for this timeless Tim Burton gem.

Next? You’ll enter “The Matrix” on May 18, go to Harvard, with Elle Woods, when “Legally Blonde” sashays through on May 25, and don your sleuthing hat, alongside Jimmy Stewart, when “Rear Window” screens on May 26 (that’s a rare Sunday in a field of Saturdays, yep). 

A ticket is $18, for each screening, and you can purchase yours now. 

There’ll be more movies to come at the iconic Hollywood cemetery, many more in fact, as Cinespia has famously filled out the summer calendar with cinematic treats for nearly two decades now.

That’s right: This is year 18 for the series, and your ticket is $18 for a screening, making it all rather easy to remember.

Is it as easy as saying “Cinespia” three times in a row, though, and instantly finding out the films to come beyond May?

Not even an imp from the afterworld has that information at the moment, so stay patient, plan that picnic, and organize your friends for these now-classic SoCal cemetery cinema nights.

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