CicLAvia to Roll Through Three Different Hollywoods

on Aug15
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What to Know

  • Sunday, Aug. 18

  • West Hollywood, Hollywood, East Hollywood

  • Santa Monica Boulevard, Highland Avenue, and Hollywood Boulevard are the three closed-to-traffic thoroughfares

Loving a city, especially a megalopolis that includes millions of people and an overwhelming number of miles, streets, and places of interest, is all about loving its quirks.

And one of the most charming of Southern California’s quirks? There are major cities here, and then there are other also-major cities and districts that have almost the same name as the first major city, but with a compass point to immediately differentiate it.

Take Hollywood, and its closest, cheek-by-jowl BFFs, West Hollywood and East Hollywood. They all have their own distinct flavors, from nightlife to history to landmarks, but they share one of the world’s most iconic names.

And they’re also sharing an event on Sunday, Aug. 18: CicLAvia, the free, get-on-your-bike bash devoted to open streets.

That means several major thoroughfares will be closed, including chunks of Santa Monica Boulevard, Highland Avenue, and Hollywood Boulevard, as pedalers roll through three different versions of the Big H.

Speaking of the Hollywood to the north?

We love you so, North Hollywood, but this CicLAvia is focusing on the one, two, three line-up of Hollywoods on the south side of the hills. (And, yep, you had a starring moment in 2015, during the CicLAvia themed to “The Valley.”)

Speaking of the Hollywoods found elsewhere around the country, such as in Florida?

We will not be biking that far. Though perhaps, one day, there’ll be a cycling event that connects every place in the nation bearing the Hollywood handle.

Pack snacks, should that day arrive.

As with past CicLAvias, you can enter and exit at any point along the route, as this is definitely not “an everyone ride in this one direction” kind of deal.”

The Red Line at Hollywood & Highland would be a terrific way to show up. And, indeed, the festival is presented by Metro.

And, you bet, booths of all sorts, food trucks, stop-and-enjoy entertainment presentations of the most musical variety, and other goings-on will be, well, going on.

Yep, we live in a region with several major Hollywoods, which may befuddle visitors but not Southern Californians. 

Which makes us wonder what a group of Hollywoods is called. A star? A boulevard? A dream?

Ponder that question as you savor a Sunday Funday biking through the ‘woods.

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