Boxer Plants a Kiss on Unsuspecting Reporter, and Now She Has Allred in Her Corner

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A reporter surprised by a boxer’s kiss planted during an interview now has attorney Gloria Allred in her corner, and she says she’s trying to make it clear that what happened is not OK. 

Jenny SuShe, who covers sports and entertainment for Vegas Sports Daily, was wrapping an interview with boxer Kubrat Pulev after a fight in Costa Mesa. 

Toward the end of the interview, he kisses her. 

“So if Tyson Fury gets through Tom Schwartz do you think you should have a shot?” she asks. 

After answering “yes,” he grabs her by the chin, and plants a kiss on her mouth.

In the video, she laughs and says, “OK.” As she’s pulling the camera down, she says “Jesus Christ.” 

In the social media flurry following the release of the video, with some even calling Pulev the “R. Kelly of Bulgaria,” some argued that it was inappropriate to treat a reporter this way. 

Pulev took to Twitter to have his own, tweeting that “Jenny” is his friend, and that there really was nothing to it. 

SuShe clearly did not feel this way, according to a series of retweets, and the decision to lawyer up with Allred. 

“I did not encourage, nor consent, to Mr. Pulev grabbing my face, kissing me, or grabbing my backside,” SuShe said at a news conference. “I was there at the event, covering the match as a professional member of the press.”

Reporters asked where the line is in situations where, like Pulev, he may consider the reporter a friend.

“Even if it were a situation where he was her friend, which he was not, he would still need permission to kiss her on the lips,” Allred said. “A woman has the right to consent or say no. She was doing her job.”

Other media outlets reported that Pulev was to be suspended. 

NBC4 reached out to California State Athletic Commission. A spokesperson would only say the incident was under investigation. 

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