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A bed-and-breakfast located in South Pasadena is trying to do its part during these uncertain times by offering its rooms for doctors, free of charge.

The historic Bissell House Bed-and-Breakfast has housed guests from all around the world. Now this 19th century Victorian home is opening its doors to local doctors who are treating patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

“A lot of these people are working double shifts, long hours, there’s staffing issues already in the hospitals,” Will Hoyman, Bissell House owner, said about his reasoning for opening its doors. 

Many doctors are also concerned about infecting their families with the virus.

“We’ve decided to kind of meet this moment, rise to the occasion in our small part, and offer our rooms entirely to first responder doctors in the community at no cost to them,” Hoyman said.

The bed-and-breakfast has committed its seven rooms to local doctors for the next six weeks, and is prepared to extend that commitment. 

“We’re trying to offer kind of a haven for them basically, a peaceful quiet respite to whatever extent we can,” he said. 

The bed-and-breakfast will be sanitized on a regular basis by hospital staff, and “any strict protocols they are already utilizing in a hospital setting we’re going to be implementing here,” Hoyman said. 

He hopes this inspires others in the hospitality industry to welcome doctors, nurses and medical staff as they fight this pandemic.

“The more the community can come together… for these people who are on the frontlines of this, the better for them, and the sooner that these patients are going to get better care and treatment. We are all going to get through this, hopefully,” he said. 

The Bissell House is accepting donations on its website at

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