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We’ve all heard the story about “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” but in this real life story, a bear wandered into a house in Duarte, ransacked the kitchen and made himself at home. 

The bear went through every room in the house, but of course, there was one room he was mostly interested in… the kitchen.

Newschopper4 was overhead for the impressive response by authorities while they alerted the neighborhood about an unwanted visitor.

The Rogers’ family had a personal encounter with the fuzzy bear.

“My husband goes, ‘There is a bear in the house,’ and I looked down, and I saw a big nose,” explained Barbara Rogers, a Duarte resident.

They said the bear didn’t want to leave, so they were forced to hide out. 

“My husband said to make some noise, so we grabbed pots and pans. But the bear didn’t leave, so we ran into the bedroom and called 911, and they said to just stay barricaded inside,” Rogers stated.

Residents on the Briar Summit cul-de-sac are all too familiar with bears coming down from the Angeles National Forest and into their driveways and backyards. 

Rogers had accidentally left a door open that night and that’s all one hungry bear needed.

“He went through my whole pantry. He ate prunes and the cat food. A big thing of trail mix, he ate the whole thing of trail mix,” she said.

Barbara shared a video from months ago when a mom and two babies were in her driveway.  

Residents of an Eagle Rock neighborhood spoke after a bear was spotted in the area for the second time in a week. Michelle Valles reported on NBC4 News on Sunday, March 7, 2021.

One of those babies, now a junior, has returned every now then and perhaps for dinner Friday night.

Barbara and her husband, Jim Rogers, say the cleanup wasn’t too bad, but it seems like the bear stepped on Jim’s computer. They checked the computer and reported it was still printing out documents just fine.

The bear eventually left, jumping a tree and disappearing into the night, but everyone at Briar Summit knows he will be back.

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