‘Bacon Intern’ Could Be the Next Job on Your Résumé

on Aug9
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What to Know

  • Farmer Boys

  • Apply online through Tuesday, Aug. 20

  • $1,000 for a day of trying bacon-themed menu items

Interns? They’re so hard-working, and dedicated, and loyal, and enthusiastic, and full of imaginative ideas about how the wheels of an organization can turn more efficiently.

These can-do can-doers do a lot, in short, from the early hour that they arrive at the office through to the end of a very long day.

But asking them to relax, and tuck in a napkin, and proceed to consume a considerable amount of bacon-themed foodstuffs?

That typically isn’t on your average “intern wanted” posting.

Farmer Boys, however, isn’t looking for a ho-hum hire. The burger-famous fast food company is, in fact, seeking a Bacon Intern, a person who can plow through a line-up of luscious, savory, filling, and oh-so-bacon-y menu items over the course of a day.

Nope, this isn’t an eating contest. Rather, if you’re chosen to as the Bacon Intern, you’ll be able to taste a whole array of pork-themed meals, including hamburgers and burritos, created by the SoCal-based chain.

Oh yes, and you’ll be paid $1000 for your day of chomp, chomp, chomping.

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, Aug. 20. Just “… post a photo or video” on your Instagram (that’s your personal ‘gram, of course) about why you’d make the perfect Bacon Intern. 

Tagging @FarmerBoysFood is essential, as is this hashtag: #FarmerBoysBaconIntern.

Now that we think of it, so many classic hashes include bacon, which means there’s no way you’ll forget that hashtag, when the time comes to post your “application” for the day-long position.

Also happening at Farmer Boys this month? A give-back fundraiser. Read more now.

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