Aww, It’s a Guinea Pig Rescue Fall Festival

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What to Know

  • Sunday, Oct. 20

  • Tickets are free, but donations to the rescue are gratefully suggested

  • Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue, 10856 Farralone Avenue in Chatsworth

If you’re a pal to all things porcine, then you have a real kinship with the piggier parts of this world.

But little pigs, and even rodent-sweet “pigs,” come in all shapes, sizes, and furry coats, of course. Look to the guinea pig, which has a fandom so devoted, and committed, that it can make other fandoms want to try harder.

Ready to be inspired? There’s a fall festival afoot at the Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue’s Chatsworth headquarters.

For sure, there shall be guinea pigs to admire at the Sunday, Oct. 20 happening, as well as a host of other beasties, from horses to birds to, yes, pigs, as in pigs.

And, you bet, there’ll be cavy-cute guinea pigs to coo over, and possibly take home, as a forever friend, for an adoption fair is part of the blithe bash.

Have you ever felt a guinea pig’s tiny claw in the palm of your hand? You have? You know that few feelings can compare, and describing it will only deprive the experience of its poetry.

If you already live with a gpig, that lil’ hun-bun can accompany you, and compete for glory in categories such as Best Hair, Best in Show, and so forth.

You know your wee one has the ultimate drive to go the distance.

Vegan eats and fall-type activities will lend more loveliness to a nibbly-nice day. (As if we wouldn’t call a day where guinea pigs are in the spotlight “nibbly-nice.”)

These cute critters have their own lexicon, terms, rules, and traditions, and a devotion to nibbling lettuces and other leafy treats is pretty set in stone in the guineapigverse, which is like the universe, but where guinea pigs are the stars.

It’s all free, but, for sure, make a donation if you can. Need to know more? Nibble nibble here.

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