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If your home has been on the market during the rainy winter, it might be time to freshen up the photos. Now that the skies are (predominantly) blue again and the trees that had shed their leaves for the winter are budding with green, the last thing you want prospective home buyers to see are the dreary gray sky, rain clouds, and dead-looking foliage.

Images of your home from last season speak volumes to buyers shopping on their phone for their next big move. It says your listing is stale, it has been sitting all winter and no one has been interested.

The next thing buyers think about is, “What’s wrong with it? Why hasn’t anyone scooped this one up by now?”

You can’t do much other than taking it off the market for 90 days to resent the days on the market counter, but you can do a reset on how your house looks online.

Once they get your bed and bath count, your home’s size and price, all buyers want to see are beautiful photos showing off your house.

So get with your agent and get the professional photographer back out to take some new shots. If you didn’t use a professional photographer the first go around, consider upgrading and hiring one this time. The results are worth the cost.

Make sure it is a clear, sunny day. You may even want to change out the bedding to freshen up the look and get new buyers emotionally engaged in your house. If you have a view, consider scheduling a twilight shoot, or wait for the next spectacular sunset.

Plant fresh, new flowering plants in your front and back yards, and in pots on your deck or balcony.

If you didn’t get the drone shots before, try it this time around. And throw in some pictures of the emerald green hills and brilliant wild mustard we’ve got growing right now to include with your new interior and exterior photos.

Mind you, if you are decorated to the hilt for Easter or Passover, or still have your Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick ’s Day décor still on display, you’ll need to take those down to make this photo re-do work. The last thing you want is Easter décor in your photos if your house still isn’t sold come the Fourth of July.

And if you put your house on the market during the December holiday season, and your Christmas tree and stockings were up, it is most definitely time to take a new round of marketing photos. Yes, I did a bit of research and found a currently active and available home for sale with photos of the Christmas tree and stockings clearly on display in almost half of the photos.

Happy (almost) Easter.

Leslie Sargent Eskildsen is an agent with Realty One Group. She can be reached at 949-678-3373 or

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