All the free comics available on Free Comic Book Day, and our top picks

on May7

Free Comic Book Day is here, and with 50 different titles to chose from, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Thus, we thought it might be helpful to flag a few staff favorites from the comic book readers at Los Angeles Times.

Here are our top picks from today’s free comic book selection.

"Secret Empire"
“Secret Empire” (Marvel)

“Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man” (inside the “Secret Empire” issue)

Tucked into Marvel’s “Secret Empire” Free Comic Book Day issue, is a Paulo Siqueira-drawn preview for Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert’s upcoming series, “Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man.” The sense of humor, care for character and instinct for interactions Zdarsky has shown as a writer in Archie’s “Jughead” and Marvel’s “Howard the Duck” (where an inconsolable Spidey notably, hilariously appeared) bode well for his run with noted superhero artist Kubert (“Ultimate X-Men”) on a title that’s to feature guest stars from across the Marvel Universe. — Blake Hennon

“Catalyst Prime: The Event”
“Catalyst Prime: The Event” (Lion Forge)

“Catalyst Prime: The Event”

Penned by Christopher J. Priest (“Deathstroke,” “Black Panther”) and Joseph Phillip Illidge (“Solarman”) with art by Marco Turini (“Secret Wars: Battleworld”) and Jessica Kholinne (Secret Wars: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde) “Catalyst Prime: The Event” puts readers on the on the ground floor of a brand new superhuman universe. If you’ve got Marvel or DC superhero fatigue, “Catayst Prime” offers something unfamiliar and fresh. — Jevon Phillips

"Mirror Verse"
“Mirror Verse” (IDW Publishing)

“Star Trek: The Next Generation” — “Mirror Broken”

IDW Publishing is previewing its upcoming “Star Trek: The Next Generation” miniseries “Mirror Broken,” which takes place in the ruthless alternate “Mirror Universe” first introduced, along with Spock’s goatee, in the original series episode “Mirror, Mirror.” And though “Enterprise” and “Deep Space Nine” visited the authoritarian Terran Empire multiple times, it’s hard to believe “Next Generation” never did. A super-buff Picard in a sleeveless muscle shirt? Bring it on. — Thomas Lauder

“Fresh Off the Boat Presents: Legion of Dope-itude Featuring Lazy Boy”
“Fresh Off the Boat Presents: Legion of Dope-itude Featuring Lazy Boy” (Boom! Studios)

“Fresh Off the Boat Presents: Legion of Dope-itude Featuring Lazy Boy”

Fresh off of getting its very own official day in L.A., “Fresh Off the Boat” is also getting an official comic book tie-in written by none other than MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Gene Luen Yang. The one-shot featuring art from Jorge Corona, expands on the superhero characters created by Eddie and Emery in the most recent episode of the show. What better way to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month? — Tracy Brown

"The Incal"
“The Incal” (Humanoids Inc. )

“The Incal”

One of the weirdest books being released is “The Incal,” a reprint of 30 pages featuring the work of French sci-fi artist Moebius (Jean Giraud). Moebius is credited with influencing the futuristic look of sci-fi films from the original “Alien” to “The Fifth Element.” The story is written by filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky who gave us “El Topo” among other cult films. Originally published during the 1980s in the French precursor to “Heavy Metal” magazine, “The Incal” is heady, trippy, grown-up (assuredly NSFW) stuff. Various reprints have come and gone, but here’s a chance to pick up some free Moebius. — Thomas Lauder

"Spill Night"
“Spill Night” (First Second)

“Spill Night”

“Spill Night” is a prequel short from writer Scott Westerfeld and artist Alex Puvilland’s graphic novel “Spill Zone.” It’s a sneak peak at the mysterious event that turned most of a town’s residents into meat puppets. And yes, that’s exactly as creepy as it sounds. The mysterious scary talking doll Vepertine also adds to the creep factor. — Tracy Brown

"Boom! Studios Summer Blast"
“Boom! Studios Summer Blast” (“Boom! Studios)

“BOOM! Studios Summer Blast”

Wanna break into indie comics but not sure where to start? Comic book publishers Boom! Studios put several of their more popular stories into one comic, to ease in new readers. The ever popular “Mouse Guard” has a short story from author David Petersen. Next up is short from “Brave Chef Brianna” who has to craft a menu for Monster City. And finally “Lumberjanes” returns with “Coady and the Creepies.” It’s a fun collection of shorts for all ages and you don’t need to anything about Captain America’s former alliances to join in. — Meredith Woerner

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What comics do you recommend? Let us know what you suggest and show us how you’re celebrating Free Comic Book Day at the Hero Complex Twitter account.

For the complete list of participating comic book titles check out our cover collection above, and happy Free Comic Book Day!

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