After 100 Years, Broguier’s Dairy in Montebello Really is Closing This Time

on May24
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A beloved Southern California staple, Broguiere’s Dairy, is officially milked dry, and is soon to be closing.

Famous for their glass bottled chocolate milk and eggnog, Broguier’s Dairy in Montebello is closing after 100 years in business.

You’ve likely seen the bottle: “Milk so fresh the cow doesn’t know it’s missing!”

“My grandfather started it, my dad ran it and I took over from him in 1975,” owner Ray Brogieur said.

But now, after more than one hundred years in business, it looks like Broguier’s farm fresh dairy is really, truly closing.

“After some 50 years of buying milk with my kids and granddaughter it’s really a sad moment they have to leave,” longtime customer Gloria Lespron said.

The dairy almost closed a couple of years ago, but managed to stay open.

This time, Ray Brogieur said they’ve made their last shipments of popular products to grocery stores.

“I’d probably say the chocolate milk is number one. The egg nog’s right behind it,” he said.

Too many regulations and the high cost of doing business are reasons why the dairy is closing.

“A lot of care went into the product. Not only me but with my son and all the workers,” he said.

There’s still no firm date when the actually business will shut its doors.

“What did the guy say in show business? Always leave them wanting more,” he said.

For now, customers can still head over to 505 South Maple Avenue in Montebello to pick out fresh eggs, and maybe say thank you.

“If you can open up another one somewhere else I’d go 50 miles to get it,” customer Barbara Moody of Brea said.

Broguiere’s Dairy said with all the outpouring of love from customers, it’s unclear when they will shut the doors forever, and Ray says he’s taking it one day at a time. 

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