A Young Girl’s Dream Comes True After Magical Wheelchair Makeover

on Jun13
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A Parkview Elementary School student in Garden Grove received the wheelchair makeover of her dreams.

The Harry Potter-inspired wheelchair was specially designed and built for 11-year-old Kathleen Ma.

“They made her dreams come true,” special education teacher Sarah Bautista said.

Bautista has been Kathleen’s teacher for the past six years and has admiration for the young girl’s attitude towards life.

“Her motivation. Her positive attitude. Her willingness to learn, to never give up,” said Bautista.

Kathleen has never given up, despite a spinal cord injury which left her without the use of her arms since she was 2 years old.

“She performs at the top of her class. She uses her foot to write, turn pages, take state testing. She’s an amazing kid and has adapted to her disability,” Bautista said.

It was Bautista herself who nominated Kathleen for a Magic Wheelchair, which is essentially a Halloween costume built around a wheelchair. Magic Wheelchairs are designed and built by volunteers, many of whom work in the entertainment industry. The elaborate wheelchairs, which cost upwards of $1500 are given to children free of charge.

“A lot of people treat people who are in wheelchairs as they don’t stare, they look away and the kids feel ignored and to have them be the center of attention is really cool,” said Magic Wheelchair Volunteer, Brian Pierson.

Although the wheelchair was designed for Halloween, Kathleen said she intends to use the Harry Potter inspired wheelchair a lot more than one day a year.

“It’s cool, I like the heads and the wings.”

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