4 to Watch: How to Get Tickets for Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial at Staples Center

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Los Angeles continues to mourn the shooting death of rapper and philanthropist Nipsey Hussle. Staples Center will hold a service celebrating the life and accomplishments of the rapper and here’s how California residents can get tickets for the service.

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Tickets Available Tuesday for Nipsey Hussle Memorial at Staples Center

Free tickets for this memorial will become available Tuesday at 10 a.m. online. The memorial will take place Thursday and is open for California residents only. Find out more details here. 

Photos: How Mourners Are Remembering Rapper Nipsey HusslePhotos: How Mourners Are Remembering Rapper Nipsey Hussle

OC Family Says Dog Sitter Stole, Trashed Home While Father Fought Brain Cancer

A San Clemente family has a warning to be careful who you let in your home after they hired a dog sitter they say trashed their house, and cleaned them out. 

Culver City Officer Revives Choking Baby

This Culver City cop is being honored as a hero after he saved a choking baby. However, he says the baby’s big sister was actually the real hero in the story. Click here to watch the video.

Get the Scoop on Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

The days are finally warming up making it perfect weather for a cone of ice cream, and what’s better than a free cone? Read more to see how and where can you get a free Ben & Jerry’s cone.

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