3 reasons why Tuesday’s Russia vote in Congress is a big deal

on Jul26

Russian dolls in the likeness of President Donald Trump (L) and Russia's president Vladimir Putin in a souvenir shop.

Mikhail Pochuyev | TASS | Getty Images

Russian dolls in the likeness of President Donald Trump (L) and Russia’s president Vladimir Putin in a souvenir shop.

In June, the Senate passed legislation that would impose additional sanctions against Russia and restricting the power of the president to lift them. But what was more surprising was the unity shown between both Republicans and Democrats this weekend in support of the legislation.

The bill, which also includes new penalties against North Korea and Iran, would require the president to submit to Congress a report on proposed actions that would “significantly alter” U.S. foreign policy towards Russia, including any bid to ease sanctions.

Congress would have at least 30 days to hold hearings and then vote to uphold or reject Trump’s proposed changes, Reuters reported. Trump could potentially attempt to veto the bill but this would risk a backlash from both Democrats and his own party, it also risks the humiliating possibility of Congress overturning his veto.

For further reading here is the Bill: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/722/text#toc-id2ab2e0cc7af146e299ac3e56a4b199f0

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